Cream of the Crop: Favorites to Date - Daniel Schoeff Nature Photography
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Oriole in Orange

A rainy afternoon after visiting Jungle Jim's international market led to this close encounter! It was overcast, and I was unfamiliar with the area.

Deciding it was worth sticking around, I stashed the camera under the overlook and went back for the tripod. After watching and making attempts with the House Wren, several Baltimore and Orchard Orioles, along with Yellow and Blue-winged Warblers, caught my attention. I went up into the overlook, which thankfully had a covered top. As an added bonus, it put me about 15 ft above the ground, right in the midst of several Mulberry trees. It was only a matter of time then! In about an hour, this Orchard Oriole put himself into a perfect position for a portrait.